Akhi Eldho John

An enthusiastic and self learning Data Analyst well versed in SQL, Python, Tableau and Power BI

Bing Image Downloader

Are you a fan of Bing Images? Tired of searching your favourite bing image? Here is your pitstop. Use this code to download all the bing images till date.


Data in movies.csv is cleaned and a study is made to find, which factor reasons for the gross earnings of a movie. After a correlation comparison was made with every possible factor, it was concluded that the budget of a movie results in higher gross earnings.

Employee Turnover

Employees leave a company for various reasons causing a heavy loss to the company. Here are some of the reasons and suggestions I could provide to reduce the turn over rate

HackerRank Solutions

This repository contains solutions for the challenges listed in HackerRank. Kindly refer to these solutions and try to solve the solutions by yourself. Use the codes wisely and improve your coding skills.


In this project we manipulate the raw housing data and transform it using SQL Server making the data more efficient for analysis.

NashiVille Properties